WebFlowy! Work Flow management web app that is EASY!

Recently I had the pleasure of watching an Interview with Treehouse and Paul Irish about what Paul does and some general questions. If you are not familiar with the member of the Chrome team, he is a wonderfully busy and high-output. Many of the best site’s concerning front-end development including Modernizr and HTML5Boilerplate have sprung to life because of Paul’s vision and commitment to helping others out. When asked about how he stays efficient and controls his workflow for the things he must do in life he mentioned that he uses WebFlowy to keep track of what he does. Paul says in the interview that he must write everything down because he tends to be forgetful so this is how HTML5Boilerplate and many other things that are open source and have derived from him and the generous help of others came about. He says that WorkFlowy is able to keep him efficient.

If I know of anyone that is efficient and accomplished with big tasks it is Paul Irish. Thanks for the wonderful tool Paul! In the spirit of giving I present WebFlowy to you. A tool to add and do many different things with Data input and organize them in a task list.

The app is very simple and really outperforms anything else I can find to keep logs of what I am doing. In fact, this blog post was written in WorkFlowy. This is because I found it best to simply make use of the tool that I am reviewing. There are many features that are very cool, for one, you don’t just have the ability of openinig up a work flow you have the potential to basically open up a quick and highly extensible content management system for users. It is so simple that I cannot get over how cool it is, I mean you have the ability to create data and click through and just keep going with ‘breadcrumbed’ bits of information. As I reminded myself of what WorkFlowy did while writing this post, the idea to write the post just came out. I began a list item <li> (or bullet point if you do not understand the ‘breadcrumb’ terminology) and clicked on it, so I gave it a title by doing this, the document itself was created under a heading. After clicking on the list item, the heading of this blog post, is the title of this post (in WorkFlowy)of data organized in <li>’s that are basically endless and really bring meaning to the usefulness of applications on the web. This is a lean mean content creating machine which allows you to also export the information. You can pay for the ‘WorkFlowy Pro‘ version of the web app which offers DropBox Support.

Make sure to include your charset!

Internet Explorer will revert you to whatever style character seriously it sees fit depending on your character input. Include your character seriously to UTF-8 before your title tag after your document type specification in HTML5.

Without this you can be subject to a cross site script injection exploited through the UTF-7 character set!

This is the most efficient and safe way to execute your code. The doctype opens as an html5 document type and the browser, regardless of browser will render before the DOM for you, also the head tag will be automatically rendered if you want to get specific.

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Mobile Monday App of The Day

Splashtop Remote allows you to use your Apple or Android device to access your computer and use it remotely.

The Splashtop application installs on your mobile device and on your computer. You are then able to use your computer through the application and network connection. This is very handy when you need to access your computer quickly for something that can not be done from your mobile device natively.

I have saved a lot of time referencing material only available on my computer from both my Apple iPad 2 and HTC Rezound. The app gives you full control of your computer, making updates and necessary changes a breeze and quickly  from your mobile device.

Only costing a small amount of money, you will be glad you purchased this application.

Grab your copy today on Apple and Android stores search for Splashtop.com.

Smashing Magazine is for Web Designers

Recently, I found a site with some of the best articles concerning web design and all aspects of this type of business to date: Smashing Magazine. There are literally boatloads of ideas, studies, and tutorials posted by a very dedicated group of writers in the industry on Smashing Magazine. Head over to Smashing Magazine today and grab their RSS feed. Also do not forget to grab the tough-skin RSS feed for important updates as well!